Windy city playhouse presents

Becky Shaw

September 15th - December 12th
Written by Gina Gionfriddo
Directed by Scott Weinstein

Director Scott Weinstein uses his challenging space more richly than I’ve seen it used before. The show takes place everywhere; this is the first truly immersive use of this theater that I’ve seen. It’s as good as most anything in town right now...It’s wise, complex and really very moving. Funny, too. ✭✭✭ 1/2
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
Highly Recommended...Director Scott Weinstein doesn’t hold back.
— Performink
Highly Recommended - The Windy City Playhouse’s production, superbly directed with vim, vigor and a dash of vitriol by Scott Weinstein, is a modern day comedy of manners—albeit bad manners. This is essentially who many of us have become in the last few years, particularly as modeled by the behavior of our current Washington administration. Under Weinstein’s guidance, five talented actors writhe, rant and rail with each other demonstrating how too many individuals have turned into raging, rude and self-entitled spoiled adults.
— Chicago Theatre Review
Becky Shaw is impeccably directed by Scott Weinstein...Highly Recommended
— Picture This Post